Friday 17 April 2009


I mentioned in my previous post that I had a slight obsession wit the music of John Adams (or God as I prefur to call him...). Well there are few pieces of his that I had never listened to (now I think only El Nino and the Flowering Tree remain) but listened to one tonight. Lollapalooza, written for Sir Simon "AwkwardTVPresenter" Rattle (talking of whom and his awkward Televisual presenting style I found the book of his seminal series leaving home in a book shop in Camden Market for only £4!). What a great peice! I'm sad I've never really listened to it before. The raw energy and rhtymic vitality that I love in Adams' minimalist style peices is evident here, plus great swathes of orchestral sound. Also the slightly wacky element (it is based on the word 'lollapalooza' after all) which I always think works well in a Adams peice. It's too late to go into my proper views and story about Adams so I won't, but I'll definitely be downloading this one.

P.S It also has a great Trombone part. Whilst I would like to say this had no effect on my judgement I feel this might be lying... But I did really like the peice generally.

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